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  • What is Audiobarn?

    Audiobarn is a musician-centered start up based in Montreal, Canada which was launched in 2017. It's purpose is to help musicians throughout their journey by providing easy access to useful tools and resources. Starting with listing jam sessions, open mics and busking locations around the city, it has recently added a new feature to provide an easier way to find and book studio services such as mixing and mastering.

  • Why does this marketplace exist?

    Having started by listing jam sessions, open mic nights and busking locations around Montreal, Audiobarn created this marketplace with local musicians in mind. It can take hours just to research and find studios, let alone figure out how much it will cost, how to book and how to pay. But it doesn't need to. That's why all these features are available on the site without any extra (or hidden) cost to musicians. And that's what Audiobarn is all about.

  • Who is this marketplace for?

    This marketplace was built for both musicians and studios. For musicians, it provides a platform where you can easily find, compare, book and pay for studios services in an easy and elegant way. For studios, it provides a platform for free promotion and the opportunity to take on new projects without any initial or subscription fees.

  • How does this thing work?

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