Information about Audiobarn


Our Purpose
Since it’s launch in 2017, our purpose at Audiobarn is to serve musicians, collaborate with music-related businesses and services, and be a valuable tool along the journey of being a musician. Much like when composing a song, we are passionate in the process of creating something new, listening to feedback, and improving our creation along the way. We seek to continuously improve what we are offering in the hopes that it can aid in bringing people together under the shared love for music.

Our Goal
Our goal at Audiobarn is to digitize the local music economy in Montreal (without any extra cost to musicians) so that you can save time and do more of what you love doing - music. In order to do so, we are commercializing a part of the website (the marketplace) so that we can keep creating more and better-quality tools for musicians. 

Studio Marketplace

The newest addition to, the studio marketplace, provides musicians with an easy way to find, book and pay online for studio services such as mixing and mastering so that any musician can release a professional-sounding song, EP or album of high quality.

We hope you enjoy using this new feature of!

The musicians at Audiobarn